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We offer assessment, treatment and consultative services for children and adults.

Speech Smart is happy to provide services to the following areas: Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Black Diamond, Blackie, Longview and Nanton.

Services for children and their families:

Speech sounds (articulation)

Language (use and understanding)

Phonological awareness (pre-reading skills)

Social language (pragmatics, social skills)

Apraxia of speech

If you are concerned with your child's speech development; please check the following link for more information about speech and language developmental milestones: 

Services for adults:

Unclear speech (Dysarthria)

Finding the words you want to say; understanding and following conversations (Aphasia)

Difficulties using correct sounds; mixing up sounds (Apraxia of speech)

Repeating sounds or words; inappropriate pausing (Verbal fluency)

Voice training

Accent Modification

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